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What’s your line of business?

Chances are we know it well. We’ve worked with organizations of every type: from governments and nonprofits to global manufacturers, utilities, banks, service providers and much more.


Automotive companies face a profoundly changing market—buyer values have shifted and the pace of globalization has intensified. To connect with consumers in this complex environment, carmakers need to drive their powerful brand stories through unique and distinctive customer experiences.

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Consumer brands and retail

A shift in consumer values—toward austerity, sustainability and authenticity—coupled with a decrease in consumer purchasing power have made direct-to-consumer marketing more challenging than ever. Today’s brands need to understand the current drivers of consumer preference, forge an emotional connection with audiences and express their unique Brand Voice across all channels—ultimately driving toward a compelling brand experience.

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In education, public perceptions directly affect every significant measure of success—from numbers of applications to faculty prominence to donor largesse. Changing perceptions requires a differentiating story. To find their own true story, academic institutions need to develop a deep understanding of both themselves and their audiences, and then build a clear and compelling expression of their masterbrand on that foundation.

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Energy suppliers, manufacturers and distributors operate in an unsteady political and regulatory environment while juggling a host of business issues ranging from the development of alternative sources to workforce management to public perception. Clear and simple expression of who they are and what they do is essential for energy companies to survive—and even thrive—in this new environment.

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Financial services

The global financial crisis has heaped the loss of customer trust on top of the industry’s list of long-standing challenges, such as the pace of technological and regulatory changes. Financial services companies need to tune into the changing expectations of their customers and infuse every touchpoint with genuine, clear messages that inspire trust.

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An abundance of agencies with overlapping and sometimes competing objectives can lead to confusing, inefficient communications. Government agencies can simplify processes and communications to cut costs and enhance consumer access and understanding.

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The aging and expanding population has led to a surge in global demand for healthcare, while new regulations and requirements, a scarcity of talent, and runaway costs have increased the difficulty of providing and paying for care. With streamlined processes and clear communications, healthcare companies can increase efficiency for providers and payers—and help consumers become healthier, smarter consumers of healthcare services.

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Hospitality and travel

The battle for hospitality and travel customers is waged on all levels: from the local to the national to the global. Lodging and passenger transportation companies need a cogent brand story, consistent brand architecture and airtight execution across all communications to build customer loyalty and ensure on-brand customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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Manufacturing leads the way in globalization…so manufacturing companies need to create brands and experiences that communicate powerfully around the globe. A brand architecture that allows for product expansion, as well as potential mergers and acquisitions, will provide a strong, competitive positioning for global growth.

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Media and entertainment

The continuing emergence of digital channels and the convergence of media types present a challenge to maintain a unified, clearly differentiated presence. Media companies need to embrace a comprehensive digital strategy to engage their consumers, cultivate a strong B2B brand to drive distribution deals and financing and bring it all together with a powerful Brand Voice.

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Worldwide, the recent financial environment has created fierce competition for scarce donors, members and volunteers. Nonprofit organizations must combat shrinking government support and slipping donor contributions by activating their bases and reaching new audiences. A powerful brand articulation is their best weapon.

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Professional services

Intense competition and a rash of mergers make it hard for prospective clients to determine just which firm has the specialized expertise they need. Professional services firms with a clear articulation of who they are and how they’re different will win the battle for top clients and top talent—and will seize the opportunities for growth.

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Real estate

The lack of demand for new retail, commercial and hospital construction, combined with tight credit, has shaken the structure of the real estate market. Success now requires diversification and cross-selling of services—ideally rooted in a robust strategic brand foundation.

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Ever-changing technologies, competitors and regulations keep the telecommunications industry in a state of rapid transformation. Amidst the turmoil, a strong brand, exceptional customer experience and an infrastructure that facilitates the rapid launch of clearly differentiated offerings are the keys to seizing market share.

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In this fast-moving, boldly competitive global environment, every product and service runs the risk of a rapid fall from favor—due to both technological advances and cheaper competitive models. Success requires more than just creating great devices. Through coherent, humanistic branding, technology companies can connect with their customers and stave off commoditization.

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The global economic downturn and threat of fluctuating fuel prices further challenge an industry grappling with disruptive technological advances. As shipping companies transform into full-service logistics firms, the increase in organizational complexity must be offset by a clear and compelling brand positioning to engage employees and build market share.

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Environmental concerns, new technological frontiers, a trend away from regional monopolies, and changing regulations have all contributed to a new business environment. Utilities that clearly articulate the value they provide and reduce the industry-prevalent complexity for consumers will rise above the competitive fray and build strong customer relationships.

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