Website Health Check

Does Your Website Need a Health Check?

Is your website under-performing? Do you want your website to achieve more for your business?

Website Health Check Audit

Tired of seeing your business stuck on the second page of Google? Getting less-than-stellar leads to your website? Not selling enough online?

e-Commerce Essentials can help.

We offer a FREE website health check that will allow us to analyze all the factors that contribute to higher search engine rankings and a positive user experience. Once we’re finished, we’ll use our knowledge and expertise of web marketing to recommend the proper actions to improve both.

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Why should I get a website health check?

You may consider our services if you have one or more of the following concerns regarding your website:

Why isn’t my website ranking well in search engine results?
Could I be giving users a better, more positive experience?
Why aren’t I getting many online leads?
Why aren’t I selling very much online?
Why does my website load slowly?
Why do some links or pictures no longer work?

What do you look for in a website health check?

When we analyze your website, we carefully look for all of the following factors:

Keywords – Are you targeting the right keywords for your business? Are they relevant to what your potential customers are looking for? Do they have enough traffic?
Content – Is your content unique, original and of high quality?
Links – Do you have enough links coming in to your website? Are there opportunities for links you have not yet capitalized on? Are you linking out to relevant partners or websites in your industry?
Titles, META Description and Image Naming – Are your website titles optimized? Is your META description filled out properly? Do your image names and alt tags use the right keywords?

A website health check from e-Commerce Essentials can clean up your site and ensure it’s working as well as it can to help your business grow online. Once our team of web marketing professionals provides a full analysis and list of recommendations, you’ll start to see the potential for a better web presence, with more leads and more sales.

For more information on how our services can help you do more business online, call us at 1-888-575-5385 or send us an email at today.