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The Top 8 Things we Learned at WooConf 2016

Webgold - May 19, 2016 - 0 comments

WooConf is a gathering of developers who connect and exchange ideas about all things WooCommerce and WordPress.

WordPress is the world’s choice platform for building websites. A whopping 25% of the entire web runs on WordPress. And get this — WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform and it powers over 37% of all online stores.

Obviously, we made it our business to attend. We all know eCommerce adoption in our region is feeble at best, so it made sense to go where the action was and bring back as much knowledge and inspiration as we could. 

Immanuel & Stephan

Immanuel and Stephan, early birds get the best seats…

imImanuel Gittens, eCommerce Manager, Webgold

Imanuel’s been with the Webgold team for nearly three years and specializes in eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce.


Imanuel’s Takeaways

  1. WooCommerce is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms worldwide. 

    “It can do everything Magento can do, and more — the API is that powerful”, Imanuel explains. WooCommerce has unjustly been seen as a lightweight plugin, but the capabilities are endless.
  2. Many people are just getting started. 

    “Everyone seems to think that Woo is the place to be”. There are many experts, but many more beginners, so there’s no need to feel alone on your journey to building a bigger, better web.
  3. Everyone knows security is important, but people still don’t take it seriously enough. 

    “…that is, until something really bad happens. I can’t stress this enough: prevention is better than a cure.” When you’re dealing with your merchandise and other people’s money, you can’t be too secure.
  4. WooCommerce is ready for the Enterprise.

    “The WooCommerce API allows us to connect any banking, shipping accounting and inventory system to an online store. There’s literally infinite scaling potential.” 

stephan-minStephan De Roche, CEO, Webgold

Stephan is the head of awesomeness at Webgold and is currently focused on increasing the adoption of eCommerce in the Caribbean region.


Stephan’s Takeaways

  1. Not all hosting providers are created equal.

    “You need to have a reliable host when putting your business online. These so-called low cost providers are not always the best. Lack of compatibility, reliability and customization are going to be problems when you’re trying to start an e-commerce website.” And after you’ve already started, it’ll be far more difficult to stop and rebuild. Choose a dependable hosting provider from the beginning.
  2. Teach, don’t sell.

    “Teaching people helps you to sell more. Try to find ways to help your customers by providing added value to your product or service. The more you help, the more comes back to you.”
  3. It’s more than just retail.

    People tend to think WooCommerce is okay for a t-shirt store and little else. “You can get revenue for anything you want to sell. And if there’s anything that hasn’t been done yet, it can be.” Memberships, subscriptions, digital goods like music and artwork, and even hotel bookings are just a few of the sales Woo can cover.
  4. Don’t get hooked on the vibes of Sixth Street.

    “…otherwise known as the dirty Sixth. Texas really does have some of the best steaks worldwide! Food, nightlife — the city is just generally really nice, warm and welcoming.”


If you’re thinking of taking your business online, WooCommerce is a great place to start. There’s no reason to be nervous about your ability to handle it, since many people around the world are just discovering the power and flexibility of selling online too. There’s tons of documentation and tutorials that can point you in the right direction.

And if you need a support group full of knowledgeable people to help you get started- why not pop in for a free consultation? Shoot us a line here


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