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Shopify Development

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What is Shopify?

Clean, simple, and easy-to-use, Shopify is a powerful eCommerce solution geared towards Small and Mid-Sized Businesses allowing them to set up a storefront in a flash. As a hosted eCommerce application, it is almost effortless to use, completely customizable and currently runs more than 30,000 stores.

What makes it popular among SMB sized eCommerce Store owners is its all-encompassing set of features, comprising of a secure shopping cart, dependable eCommerce hosting, easy content management, order management, inventory management, mobile eCommerce, marketing and SEO. It provides a cost effective and complete eCommerce solution which is essential to running an online business successfully.

Shopify Development with Webgold

Sometimes a standard Shopify storefront won’t fit in too well with your unique business needs. That’s where Webgold comes in!

Webgold can help make your store work exactly the way you want it to. We serve all your Shopify design and development needs ranging from custom development, minor and modifications, migrations, as well as creating exclusive and distinctive customized themes for our clients. Our team of developers are obsessive about good design and clean coding, and delivers state-of-the-art Shopify eCommerce stores, that are both equally appealing and functional.

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Our Shopify Development services include:

  • Custom Shopify Development
  • Theme development & Theme Customization
  • Migration to Shopify
  • Template Design, Development & Integration
  • Shopify Custom Application Development, Maintenance & Support
  • Shopify API & Flash Integration
  • Inventory Modules
  • Shipping & Payment Gateway Integration
  • Modules Installation
  • Addition and the management of content for the clients
  • Setting up the Shopify custom search filter
  • Store Redesign
  • PSD template to Shopify
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Why Shopify?
  • No coding required: after we design and set up your site you can independently do updates anytime you like through Shopify’s easy to use admin panel.
  • No cost to install and host: Shopify is a hosted cart which means that they have everything on their servers and monitor service disruptions and other issues for you.
  • Lots of great features: quickly add and adjust products, process orders, keep track of stock and do promotions.
  • Monthly subscription: all this great functionality comes at a well worth monthly subscription starting at $29 US per month.
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Shopify POS

The Shopify Point of Sale (POS) system allows users to mange both offline and online sales and inventory control all in one centralized location. Using Shopify POS you can:

  • Use your ipad to pick or scan the products your customers are buying and collect their payment – its that simple.
  • Automatically calculate tax based on your store’s location.
  • Sync your online store with your inventory and stock count.
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