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Mobile Technology and Its Effect on Small Business

Webgold - February 3, 2015 - 0 comments

It is safe to say that mobile technology has cemented its place in our everyday lives. Covering broad aspects, such as various forms of communication, computation, and entertainment, a mobile device has become a staple in almost everything we do. From a business perspective, mobile devices are leveling the playing field for small businesses allowing them to fit technology that was once only available only to an elite few in the palm of their hand. Needless to say, this technology has revolutionized the way business is done.

Mobile Technology Saves Money and Time

According to Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, small businesses in the USA now use mobile technology to assist with a variety of functions which include social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, mobile websites, mobile/tablet based POS systems and managing day to day operations. When asked why they have adopted this technology, most of them said that it saves their business both money and time. It is also a great way to reach new customers as pretty much everyone uses a mobile device in some way.

As a small business owner in the Caribbean, you may not be using mobile technologies for all these tasks however it is a safe assumption that with the continuing upward trend of mobile usage, you may already have integrated some sort of mobile technology into your business operations. If you haven’t you should consider it in the near future. This technology presents itself as a very unique opportunity for the informed business owner, as he/she can now use it to their advantage for optimizing business operations and marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Business Operations

Mobile technology gives business owners the ability to do things they otherwise couldn’t through apps that are either free or cost very little compared to expensive software and technology. Smartphones and tablets allow organizations to conduct business on the go. Through the magic of the cloud, sophisticated software that once required a PC can now be run on a mobile device. Cloud technology alone has many features which include data backup, file sharing, and security which, when paired with mobile technology, allows for a rich, cost effective and time saving work experience.

Effective Marketing on Mobile

Integration between mobile technologies, the web, and social media provide new and exciting ways to effectively market your services. Business social media profiles can be managed on the go with any smart device, support requests can be fulfilled and website content can be updated. The ability to perform all these tasks on a mobile device allows business owners to easily keep their content fresh, quickly respond to any changes in the market or fulfill  a customer request.

So what should you take away from this?

As a small business owner you should be aware of the advantages of using mobile technology. Besides the benefits stated above, new ones are sure to present themselves as mobile continues to evolve. It is the informed business owner who will recognize these benefits and make the most of them.

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