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Magento Mobile

Magento Mobile Commerce
Put Your Store in the Hands of Customers
Create branded native storefront apps on iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your online store.

What is Magento Mobile?
Magento Mobile is a product that makes it easy for Magento merchants to create customizable, native storefront apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android using the same product catalog information on their website. Included in the current product is an admin panel to customize and configure your mobile storefront, as well as the ability to submit your app through Magento to iTunes or Android stores.
Our dedicated Magento Mobile team will test the application and manage the submission process to the marketplace on your behalf.
Why did Magento build this product?
Large online eCommerce players such as Amazon and eBay are now driving billions of dollars in sales through their native mobile applications. Native apps also have great features for brands to build relationships with customers. Magento has always been at the forefront of positioning our community for success, and building a mobile product was the logical next step in order to help our 60,000+ stay ahead of the curve.

New eCommerce Solutions with Magento Mobile Magento
Mobile opens up a new eCommerce solution for your business by allowing customers to purchase your products via an app on the Apple iPhone. Merchants can now reach heavy users via their iPhones (support for the iPad and the Android will be available later this year). Magento Mobile creates another avenue of brand recognition for your product. Not only that, Magento Mobile makes it easier for customers to spread the word of your product to friends and potential new customers.

Magento Mobile, a One Stop Shop
Imagine, managing multiple online stores through one interface, where you can reach your customers on the go. The iTunes app store submission process is completely managed within the admin panel, so you don’t lose track of your apps. Also, you can change the store at any time you’d like, and customers see changes happen when you make them, even after they down loaded your app. Be sure to preview your app and demo any changes through the admin preview window.

Socialize Your Customers Purchases with Magento Mobile
Give your customers more channels for supporting your business by allowing them register new accounts, login to your store, use the wish list feature, and check purchase history with Magento Mobile. Improve your customer base with the ability to search for products, write and check reviews and ratings, and tell a friend.

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