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How Is Technology Helping To Mitigate The COVID-19 Outbreak? 

Webgold - March 20, 2020 - 0 comments

The sudden development and rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus is a startling reminder of the power of infectious diseases on our way of life. It also offers insights into how innovation and technology are better enabling us to handle public health emergencies and contain the spread of contagion. Adapting our business operations during this global pandemic is crucial for companies, as technology keeps us all connected during this time of social upheaval. 

In light of these circumstances, investing in online innovations should be one of your strategic business priorities. It’s important to dedicate time and resources in this area not just in good times, but also when times are tough. This benefits your business tremendously as it leads to sustainable growth, even in the midst of calamity and rapid change. Technology provides the ability to continue to run a company and earn revenue in a world that has limited business to customer contact; it presents an opportunity for businesses to take control in journeying the path of business continuity when so many others have begun reaching dead-ends.   

Technological innovation is also improving how we care for those people directly affected by infectious diseases. During the Ebola crisis, advances in protective gear for caregivers and smartphone apps helped detect irregular body temperatures, allowing faster decision making in a scenario where time was of the essence. The 3M Company has responded to the novel coronavirus outbreak by increasing the production of technologically advanced face masks that can help protect those vulnerable to the disease such as our health care providers and first responders.

In the case of natural disasters and health emergencies, drones can deliver medical supplies to remote or quarantined areas. This could be critical in controlling the spread of infections by keeping unnecessary persons out of contagion zones. Drones can also move faster than ambulances in certain terrains and can monitor any persons breaching quarantine protocols. 

Even teleworking, enabled by various online tools, can slow the spread of infection. Thanks to technological innovations, Webgold can continue to thrive during the COVID-19 crisis. We have implemented social distancing and the capability to work from home as far as possible for our team members. This does not in any way affect our abilities to continue to offer our customers the highest level of support and service. We have always been pioneers in remote collaboration and communication. After all, it suits our philosophies of decentralization and the effective utilization of technology. 

The novel coronavirus outbreak is one of many threats we will inevitably face in this decade. However, with the right mindset and wise planning, we can create businesses that can withstand them all.


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