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Consultation and development of online strategies

The experienced Web consultants of Webgold are available to analyze your online presence and branding strategy from all aspects to determine both the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. These aspects include web site usability, search engine visibility, and online promotion. We will also analyze your online goals, study your competitors and the nature of their online marketing strategies, and more.

What Webgold can do for you:

  • We don’t merely work with you or tell you what to do. We listen to you and pay careful attention to your goals.
  • We essentially create with you an effective partnership strategy for online marketing and web usability.
  • We analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your online strategy, capitalizing on your strengths and finding ways to overcome your weaknesses.
  • We also analyze how well your competitors are faring and determine how their methods can work for you.
  • We help you concentrate your resources in the right direction, therefore helping you save your time and money.
  • We help you increase your ROI and improve the rate of conversion to sales on your web site.
  • Our methods are legal and ethical because we understand the need to preserve the reputation and integrity of your brand.


Our Suite of Consultation Services

Internet Marketing Strategy

(insert diagram here)

The Internet Marketing Strategy is specially designed for entrepreneurs who wish to create or improve the brand awareness of their products using online media, to improve the effectiveness of their current web site in terms of revenue generation and retention of customers, or to determine the potential ROI of an online venture or marketing campaign. Our consultants will analyze in great detail your proposal, current web site (if any), and business strategies based on the six key factors listed in the diagram above.

Based on our findings, we will prepare a detailed Internet Marketing Strategy that will help you define your online marketing strategy, optimal use of online media, web site content, and functionality so that you can get a clear idea of the projected ROI and web site conversion that you can realistically achieve.

Depending on your goals and budget, the Internet Marketing Strategy will describe in great detail the implementation and estimated cost of the following areas of Internet marketing:

Creative media development, e.g. text ads and special landing page development
Web site development/site conversion enhancement
Search engine marketing
Keyword research and selection
Search engine optimization and directory submission
Paid search (PPC)
Keyword-based contextual advertising
Email marketing
Social media marketing
Online word of mouth marketing
Internet marketing campaign implementation, ongoing campaign management and cost
Return on investment projections

Website Usability Review

(insert diagram here)

The Web site Usability Review service is designed by our professional design and usability consultants for corporations that want to improve the effectiveness of their web sites. We evaluate your web site in ten key areas as indicated in the diagram above and provide effective recommendations on how to improve your web site in these ten areas in order to increase your ROI and web site conversion.

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