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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Webgold - February 12, 2015 - 0 comments

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites and is quickly becoming an important part of most businesses’ marketing strategy. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to the success and growth of their company, and so can you.

This is how social media marketing can improve your business:

Helps increase website traffic

It is not enough to just produce great content and hope people find it – you have to become proactive. Your social network outlets must function as an extension of your website and you must become active in social communities relevant to your content. Remember, the more interesting and relevant your content is to users, the more likely they notice it and discuss it. Your current and prospective clients will always share links whether it be directly from your website or from your social media page. Keeping this in mind, ensure that your content is easily shareable by implementing social plugins on your website, this will help to increase your site’s visibility on social networks.

Enhances SEO rankings

SEO requirements are constantly changing. Up to date content alone is no longer enough for businesses to successfully rank on search engines. Having a social media presence is becoming a significant factor for boosting and calculating rank. When a business is searched for in Google, you will notice that their social media pages are included in the top results. Google pays attention to the keywords included in your social media posts to determine how your content will rank. If you want to rank for these specific keywords, it is necessary to actively post relevant content on these topics. The more shares from your social media page the better the chances of increasing your search rank.

Increases brand awareness

Social media is an excellent way to introduce persons to a brand or even revamp an existing brand. Your social media network is a new channel for your brand’s voice and content. Focus on the right social media channel, and determine which social network caters to your target audience based on factors such as interests, gender and even location. Once you have selected the best channel for your business you can then create interesting and engaging content that your target audience will be interested in. Content that may be useful to the user will see them coming back to not only your social network page but also to your website.

Provides richer customer experiences

Customer feedback is one of the best ways to understand how your business is doing and where improvements need to be made. Social media allows businesses to easily handle customers’ comments, questions and concerns instantly. It is important to handle issues via the method of communication consumers prefer. Through the use of social media you are able to get valuable feedback from customers about new products and services, or how their experience was with your company.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow for public display of your customer service. Potential customers tend to read reviews on your responsiveness to customer service issues before making final decisions on conducting business with you. By being open to your customers’ needs, your brand loyalty can be increased.

Reduces marketing costs

Social media marketing is free if you choose to handle your own social management. It can take as little as 5 hours per week to generate an increase in traffic to your website. This means at least one hour per day can be used to work on content and social media strategy. If you decide on going with paid advertising through Facebook and Twitter, it is relatively cheap depending on the goals that you set. As time goes by you can monitor how advertising has worked for your business and adjust the budget to suit.

 Closing Advice

Ultimately the best way to reach your target audience is to communicate through the channels they already utilize.

Has your business social media profile been created yet? If not get online today and invest in connecting with your current and potential customers through social media and you will reap the rewards.

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