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5 Web Design Trends for Small Businesses

Webgold - April 29, 2015 - 2 comments

Are you in the process of redesigning your company’s website? Would you like a stronger online presence for your business? The following are a few web trends you can try including in your site’s redesign.

One Page Scrolling/ Parallax Scrolling

As discussed in a previous article (see here), one page websites have become one of the most popular trends in web to date. Instead of the traditional and bulky multipage websites, one page websites can offer an elegant and effective experience for the end user.



This type of design strips away the excess junk and focuses on content. When a website has too many elements, the user can become easily confused about where his/her focus point should be, because many elements are vying for their attention. As page weight now affects Google search engine position, minimalism can play an important role in helping end users find your site easier.

Interactive Storytelling

Businesses should try to tell better stories so as to connect with their customers. You should try to work out what your story is and how it should be told. This design trend utilises parallax scrolling to effectively tell stories, as users simply need to scroll down the page or in some cases across and watch as the story unfolds. If your site runs on WordPress, the Aesop Story Engine is a very useful plugin which helps you to blend multiple media together to tell one cohesive story.

Clear Calls to Actions



The purpose of your website as a small business should not only be to have an online presence but also to convert an end-user into a valued customer. As such, clear and concise calls to action are a must. Whether it be a Signup, download or checkout button, calls to action are one of the most important elements in a small business website.

Unique Visuals


For many small businesses, using custom photography and artwork may be a bit costly, as well as time consuming, it is still highly recommended that it be included in one’s website. Distinct and creative imagery will reinforce your brand message, as well as create a unique identity for your business.

These are but five of the many new and exciting web trends that you can implement in your small business’s website. When you include some, if not all, of the elements mentioned above, you can give your business the edge it needs to capture a wider audience.

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  1. I’m learning web design so I take an interest in knowing the newest design trends that small businesses look for. I like the look of minimalism and the ease of navigating most customers enjoy. I particularly like interactive storytelling as it allows me to more creative input in the websites I make. I’ll have to take your advice for clear call to actions as it could improve my design. Thanks for the helpful web design tips.

    • Hi John, glad to know we could help out on your web design journey. We find that small businesses are more up to date with current design patterns and are willing to try new things. Learning the latest trends will definitely help you to meet that market. Cheers!

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