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5 Beautifully Designed Hotel Websites

Webgold - January 20, 2015 - 0 comments

Having a well designed website is a great way to show that you are committed to your customers and offer only the best service.When operating a business  you will definitely want to ensure that your site design “speaks” to the visitor and this is especially true in the hospitality industry where looks can make or break your organization.  Great hotel websites must have an attractive layout, easy navigation, and make full use of images. Additionally, the booking feature on these sites must be prominent and easy to use.  This showcase demonstrates some great hotel websites with layouts and features that we hope will inspire the hospitality and non hospitality industries alike.


Hotel Plaza Athenee



Epic Miami



Vesper Hotel



Hotel Opera Diamond



Grand Hotel Di Como



What did you think of the site showcase? Have you come across any other great hotel sites? Let us know.

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